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Jim and Pat Allen's

Hamel, Illinois


Jim and I and Christopher and Scott have formed a corporation and purchased a classic 1920's roadhouse on Old Route 66 and we have opened a bar & grill. It is called Scotty's Route 66 Bar & Grill. It began life as a boarding house. It has been operated as a bar and small restaurant for the last 30 years. It is the only bar in town and one of two restaurants in town. It had quite an established following and a great staff and everyone has stuck with us. It was quite run down and dirty. We went in and renovated using the Route 66 theme. Everyone loves the changes.

Scott, who has 13 years as a General Manager for Denny's is running it for us. We have live music every Friday and Saturday night. We are really having fun with it. The mayor and one of the village councilmen cut the ribbon for us. We had over 300 people for our grand opening. They came from every village for miles around and from St. Louis. We even had a mini-classic car show.

We are strongly supported by the Illinois Route 66 Association and will be a stop on their annual tour.
Pat Allen





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